The Rope park

The Seilpark Engadin is a high-ropes adventure park nestled amongst the firs and larches of the lower Engadine valley. The Seilpark consists of nine courses (parcours) of differing heights and difficulty with a combined length of over one kilometer. It is a great place for adventurers of all ages and an ideal day-out for the whole family.

The Seilpark Engadin is situated beside the Inn river in Sur En (part of the village of Sent), only a few meters from the camping ground. There are toilets and a restaurant nearby.

Upon arrival at the Seilpark Engadin our guides will give you a climbing harness, a helmet and leather gloves. Then all climbers are required to take part in a safety briefing (please be aware that this is an active adventure park and that participants are responsible for their own safety) and a practice session in our training course.

At the Seilpark Engadin we have a range of both sport and full climbing harnesses and helmets that fit all ages and sizes so please ensure that everything fits.

At the Seilpark Engadin there is a barbecue area, picnic benches and a small fountain. You can buy drinks at the Seilpark office and visitors are encourage to make use of our facilities, even if you are not up in trees it’s a pleasant place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The courses


At only 1 meter above ground level Southside is ideal for our smallest guest younger than 8. It is made up of several bridges with moving elements and a flying fox at the end. It is suitable for children of 8 years and younger.

Sur En

At only 2 meters height our Sur En course is also ideal for children 8 years old or younger. The course has several bridge elements and 2 flying fox cables. Please note this course only for children.



Made up of 15 different elements this course has an average height of 2 to 3 meters above the ground. There are a few mildly tricky bridges for young and old and this course is only suitable for those 8 years and older.


The Quar course is made up of 12 elements and requires plenty of concentration. There are plenty of bridges, climbing elements, flying foxes and a snowboard to ride. The minimum age for this course is 8 years.


At 7 to 8 meters above the forest floor the Sursass course is technically challenging. Highlights include a Tarzan swing and a long flying fox at the end of the course. This course has a minimum age of 10 years.


Also at 8 to 10 meters above the ground is the Rims course. This our most physically challenging and beyond most couch potatoes it requires co-ordination and strength. The minimum age for this course is 12.


This course runs up to 14 meters above ground is a guarantee for a few nervous moments. It is made up of 6 flying fox runs that bring you back to earth but be careful that first platform is very airy. Minimum age 10.


This is the second most difficult course in the park and it start at 12 meters up. There’s a bike to ride, some tricky bridges and should you decide to take a short-cut you can jump from a 16 meter platform using our adrenalin charged freefall device.The minimum age for this course is 12.

Days Open
Excited Climbers

Conditions of participation

  • All participants must follow the minimum age requirements on the courses
  • All participants must take part in a safety briefing before entering the rope park
  • Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Children between 11 and 14 must have a parent or guardian present
  • All participants must have their own insurance
  • All participants are responsible for their own safety and climb on own risk
  • Participants who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not enter
  • Maximum climbing duration is limited to 3 hours
  • Maximum participant weight 120 kilos