Disc Golf

Frisbee golf is a popular family and environmentally friendly sport that can be played by anyone between the ages of 5 to 95. Frisbee golf is played much in the same way that normal golf is played, except that it is a lot more relaxed, instead of using a ball you simply use a Frisbee.

At our Frisbee Golf course there are 9 holes (baskets) of different levels of difficulty and varying lengths. As in golf each hole is measured in “par” (the “par” average amount of shots required by a good player to complete the hole or in this case the basket). From the marked Tee you try with as few shots (throws) as possible to reach the basket. The player with the least shots at the end of a round (one time around all nine baskets) is then declared the winner. The Frisbee Gold course is near the rope park and starts near our Seilpark office where you can rent frisbee’s and pick up a score card.

Frisbee rental & Green fee:  CHF 5.- per person